Ask a Recruiter

Ask The Recruiter


Do you have tips for a small business to ensure effective and legal hiring practices?


Yes! It is so important for small businesses to hire the right talent.  Your employees are the face of your company that you worked so hard to build. Plus when you run a small business, the impact of each employee carries a lot of weight. Here are some tips to ensure your hiring practices are conducted legally:

Identify essential job functions

Focus on job-related qualifications

Set reasonable educational and experience requirements

Be careful when identifying physical requirements

Conduct interviews in a non-discriminatory manner (ask me how!)

Be aware of what you can and cannot ask applicants

Consider outsourcing phone screens to an HR or Recruiting professional

How Synergy Professional HR Consulting can assist you with your staffing needs:

Process review.

Talent Acquisition System implementation

Sourcing Talent

Full Cycle Recruiting Plans available for hourly rates and contingency basis.

Work directly with the owner.


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