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Synergy Professional Human Resources Consulting

Our Mission: To provide our clients with effective fractional Human Resources services. 


You pay for the Human Resources Services you need, when you need it.

Does your business need assistance in determining pay ranges in compliance with the
NYC Pay Transparency Law now in effect.

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Qualified Professional HR

30+ years of experience in HR management, let us implement our proven techniques to help you.

Less Overhead


It's more cost effective  to hire our services than it is to create an entire in-house HR department.

Piece of Mind

We can hit the ground running, so there is no learning curve for you. We know what we are doing.

Why Use Us

It is more cost effective to engage our services than to staff your own in-house HR department.

HR Business Partner

We provide consultative human resources services to staff and management, including recruitment, 
employee relations, compensation, training and compliance as well as solutions for payroll and benefits


For those companies who have their HR needs covered but need a resource for hard to fill jobs, we offer competitive pricing with flexible payment plans including contingency, retainer or hourly

Project or Temporary Resource

Engage our expertise for specific projects or timeframes such as during a parental leave or until you hire additional headcount

Compensation Expertise

Whether you need job descriptions created, your roles evaluated to determine if overtime pay is legally required, or a whole market study completed, we have full-cycle compensation administration and strategy expertise to assist you with your goals. 

Compliance Training

We offer access to legally-compliant remote training including anti-harassment training and OSHA-required topics.  

HR/Payroll Systems (Selection and Implementation)

Need a resource to assist your team with putting new HR platforms in place?

You can’t afford to not have a legally-compliant employee handbook.

Stephanie is our HR guru. When Stephanie became our HR consultant, our entire organization improved dramatically. Where in the past we had some procedures in place and an old handbook, etc, Stephanie quickly provided us with a perfectly designed plan to improve every aspect of our human resource program. From creating our employee handbook and organizational chart, to providing classes on current topics, to discussing issues and solutions with our employees, Stephanie can and does it all for us. She makes everything so easy. We consider Stephanie a vital member of our team and I highly recommend her to anyone needing any HR help! Thank you Stephanie!

-SG, Manager for 3rd party administrator organization

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Stephanie when I was hiring a consultant to oversee a Market Analysis strategy project. I immediately realized that Stephanie is both a dedicated and experienced HR Professional and also a team player. Stephanie's experience was exactly what was needed and she was able to independently oversee this important project. Not only did Stephanie oversee all aspects of the project she was consulting on, but she gladly assisted with several other important performance management and union payroll critical initiatives. Stephanie was a great addition to my team!

-MZ, HR Director for Multi-National Manufacturer


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