Three more states will require employers to disclose compensation to applicants

Illinois, Minnesota and Vermont are joining nine other states* which require employers to disclose compensation to applicants, employees, and/or in job postings. Illinois and Minnesota's law will be in effect as of 1/1/25 and Vermont's will take effect on July 1, 2025.


Connecticut (applicants and employees, not job postings)
NJ (Jersey City)
Ohio (Cincinatti and Toledo)
Rhode Island
Washington DC

1/1/25: Illinois, Minnesota.
Vermont effective on 7/1/25.

Employers in states with pending regulations should start preparing now.

    1) Update Job Postings:
    2) Train HR and Talent Acquisition Teams:
    3) Review and Adjust Pay Practices:  If you do not have an expert on staff, you can engage us to work on this with you.
    4) Updates Policy to reflect the new pay transparency requirements
    5) Get Ready to Provide Current Existing Employees with Salary Ranges for Their Positions:
    6) Audit and Enforce Compliance:

By taking these steps, employers can ensure they meet the new legal requirements and promote a culture of transparency and fairness in their compensation practices.