Outsource Your Coronavirus Headaches

Outsource Your Coronavirus Headaches

You're focused on operating your business.  Maybe you finally had a handle on employee issues. And then Bam! Coronavirus struck.  And not only is it not going away, but there seems to be constant updates on recommendations and rules on how to handle pandemic concerns in the workplace.

While the virus and its impact is not going away any time soon, some of the headaches involved can be reduced dramatically by partnering with a Human Resources professional whose job it is to stay current with the laws and best practices.

Some examples of where partnering with Synergy Professional HR Consulting, Inc. can reap immediate benefits include:

Keeping the business owner apprised of steps needed to ensure compliance

Implementation of a cost-effective, paperless COVID survey

Guidance on best practices for transitioning your employees to a remote workforce

Recommendations for updating your employee handbook to reflect the new normal and ensure compliance

Answering your pressing questions such as is an employee who is afraid of coming to work and contracting COVID-19 be eligible for paid sick leave?  Or Can I ask an employee if he or she has the coronavirus?

In addition to providing guidance and answering questions, your outsourced HR partner can assist you in ensuring that employees stay engaged with your company during this challenging time.

If you would like more information on how a partnership with Synergy Professional HR Consulting, Inc. can be a valuable resource to your organization, please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.